We know that life can be tough for all sorts of different reasons- not being able to find a job, redundancy, bereavement, struggling with stress anxiety or low mood, managing long term health conditions and big life events like retirement.  Or maybe the unique challenges of Covid-19  have left you feeling more stressed and anxious or less confident than normal and this is getting in the way of you moving forward again.

LaunchPad is a new project that will offer you a safe space to grow your confidence and find out what the right way to reconnect with other people.

The benefits- Why join LaunchPad?

  • Lots of extra support– to get involved, to use new technology, to find the right activities for you and to help you get through ‘first day nerves’.
  • Confidence to be around other people – an opportunity to meet new people, be ‘part of something’ and to share and learn with others in a safe and supportive way.
  • Routine– a gentle opportunity  to rebuild saying ‘yes’ and turning up regularly to something at the right time!
  • Digital skills– Currently some of the support remains ‘remote’ whilst we settle into the new ‘Post- Covid’ journey. This is true for lots of opportunities and organisations. Being able to participate ‘online’ in meetings and activities with others with lots of help along the way will keep your options open for the future. We don’t expect people to have done this before and all you will need is a mobile phone and somewhere to log on to Wi-Fi (we can give you ideas and support to find somewhere to do this).
  • Time! Everybody is on their own unique journey. Some people feel ready to get stuck in to new things straight away. Others people feel very nervous as this is all new or they are out of practice. Here is a safe space to explore your options and find the right way forward at a pace that works for you.

What does the LaunchPad Journey look like?

Here is the  LaunchPad Registration Form

If you would like any help filling in the form or more information,  please do get in touch on 07307 882 164 or sky@bvsc.co.uk.


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