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Do you work with volunteers? Volunteer Centre Bexley is here to help!

If you are looking to set up a volunteer programme, improve your current processes, need a bit of information around volunteer management, or looking to advertise your volunteering roles, then we are here to help. Our focus is not just on the quantity of volunteering in Bexley, we want to increase the quality too.

We have a range of services for those who manage and coordinate volunteers, including:

1-1 Guidance & Support

We offer a 1-1 support service for local non profit organisations who would like advice and guidance around all things volunteering. If you are looking to recruit just one volunteer or multiple, we are able to advise you with both best practice and practical support to ensure the volunteers that you onboard have a positive volunteering experience. We know that it is important to have a number of policies in place, before you recruit your volunteers, such as a Safeguarding Policy, Risk Assessment, Confidentiality Agreement, Volunteering and Recruitment Policy, Volunteer Agreement and more. However, if you do not have these, we will offer you the support you need to develop the necessary documentation. We also support business’s looking to develop their corporate social responsibility by matching them to a volunteering activity in the borough. You can find more information for this here.


We offer a platform for you to recruit potential new volunteers free of charge. You can advertise your role easily; to register on our system, click on the  Login/Register button at the top right of the page and it will take you through an easy step by step process. After you have registered you will be able to add your roles, which will come through to us for review. When we have assessed the role, and each party is happy with it, we will then make this live on our website. This is a brilliant way of increasing interest, and getting great new volunteers for your organisation. If you are having any trouble with this process, we have a step by step PowerPoint guide that will help. Get in touch with us here or by emailing We are also available on 01322524682 option 2.

Valuing Volunteers

Valuing Volunteers in Bexley is a quality standard developed by Volunteer Centre Bexley, based on the Greater London Volunteering ‘Experts in Volunteering’ Health Check. It recognises organisations that manage volunteers well and provides a positive, high-quality experience.  Whether you have a large-scale volunteer programme or just one or two volunteers, Valuing Volunteers will give you the tools and knowledge to ensure that your volunteer management follows recommended good practice. Each application will be assessed by Volunteer Centre Bexley and recommendations will be made, in line with current practices. We recommend that your policies have been signed off by your board of trustee’s in advance of sending your application. For more information and to apply, click here.


We have a wealth of resources available for you to use and adapt such as volunteer agreements, a volunteer handbook, recruitment policy and much more. These can be found on the BVSC website here.


We run 3-4 Volunteer recruitment fairs a year. These are a great place to speak to prospective new volunteers and to highlight the work you are doing. We also hold a volunteer recognition event each year, in line with Volunteers Week in June. In addition to this, we hold an annual event during Trustee’s week each year in November. Head over to our Events page to see what’s coming up.


We facilitate a quarterly Volunteer Managers Network for anyone who manages, supports, or works with volunteers in Bexley. We discuss current volunteering issues, share news and information at both a local and national level. We often have guest speakers at the network discussing a specific topic such as the importance of evaluating impact in volunteering. The network is also a great opportunity to learn from each other and meet other volunteer managers in the borough. Keep an eye on our Events page for upcoming networks.


We offer training to people who work with volunteers as part of BVSC’s wider training programme. Typically, sessions range from Developing Roles and Recruiting Volunteers to How to Demonstrate Impact as a Volunteer Manager. Keep an eye on our Events and Training section of the BVSC website to see what’s coming up.

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